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Is that real to pull only one (first or last, no matter) photo from each album in the Facebook JavaScript SDK?

I'm tried to make this with a cycle for each album, but I think it is not good idea to do requests to Facebook for every album, especially if user has 50 or more albums. I need it to display the thumbnail next to each album.

What I tried:

    else {
        var albums = new Array();
        albums =;
        var albumsCount = albums.length;
        var albumsString = "";
        var i = 0;
        for(i = 0; i<albumsCount;i++){

            //Here is that bad idea with requests in every cycle
                if(response.error) {
                else {
                    var photoHere="<img src='"+photo[i].picture+"'>";
            //End of bad idea

            albumsString+="<a href='#' return false'>"+albums[i].name+"</a><br/>";
        var toHTML="List of your albums: "+albumString+"<br/>";
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It seems like you're looking for the cover photo of each album. One trick I found was to use the /picture connection from an album id.

So,[album_id]/picture will redirect to the cover image for that album.

That'll remove the need for the inner, slow loop.

You'll need to authenticate by adding ?access_token=.. to the url to show covers of non-public albums.

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dude, you saved me! thanks – Denis Apr 5 '12 at 18:07

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