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I'm trying to put multiple values in one arraylist key, but instead I get an error:


public class BestellenWindow extends javax.swing.JFrame {
    private ArrayList<String> bestelling = new ArrayList<String>(); 

    public BestellenWindow() {

Action performed:

private void BestellenbuttonActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) 
    bestelling.add(Barcodetext.getText(), Aantaltext.getText());


no suitable method found for add(java.lang.String,java.lang.String) method java.util.ArrayList.add(int,java.lang.String) is not applicable (actual argument java.lang.String cannot be converted to int by method invocation conversion) method java.util.ArrayList.add(java.lang.String) is not applicable

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It appears that what you want to use is java.util.Map. Lists do not have keys. –  Edwin Dalorzo Apr 5 '12 at 17:50

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An ArrayList is just a list. It doesn't have a "key". If you want to store objects by key, use an implementation of interface Map (for example HashMap) instead of a List.

But, a normal Map can store only one value per key. If you want to store multiple values, you can use a Map<K, List<V>> (where K is the key type and V the value type), or you could use for example Multimap from Google Guava.

But there's also another, perhaps better solution. Create a new class to hold the barcode and aantal, and store instances of that class in your ArrayList. For example:

public class Bestelling {
    private String barcode;
    private int aantal;

    public Bestelling(String barcode, int aantal) {
        this.barcode = barcode;
        this.aantal = aantal;

    public String getBarcode() {
        return barcode;

    public int getAantal() {
        return aantal;

// Later:
Bestelling b = new Bestelling(Barcodetext.getText(),
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In Java there are two elements. 1. List Interface : This does not hold any key. It has the collection of the values. You can add one by one by add(value) method. 2. Map : This holds one key for a set of value.

List<String> userName = new ArrayList<String>();

Map<Long,String> userMap = new HashMap<Long,String>();

From map you can retrieve the values by providing key.

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You are trying to invoke the method

list.add(int index, String value)

that it is used to insert an element at a specific position.

If this is what you actually want to do then I guess that Barcodetext should contain a string that is a number, so you need to convert it to an int with


If instead you want to add multiple values just call the method twice:

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Do I need to define the parsed integer, to put it into the arraylist? –  Antoine Koeman Apr 5 '12 at 17:57

Use either:



bestelling.addAll(Arrays.asList(..., ...));
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