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Consider a Mirth channel with a Destination of a SOAP Sender. The WSDL is successfully loaded and has more than one method available. Each method would take a different number of arguments. Example methods:

  • AddPerson()
  • UpdatePerson()
  • DeletePerson()
  • MergePerson()
  • UnmergePerson()

Given the set of HL7 message event types, i.e.

  • A28 = Add Person
  • A31 = Update Person
  • A29 = Delete Person
  • etc

Question: How would you setup a Destination in Mirth to have the variable's value determine which SOAP Method is called?

It doesn't necessarily have to be a SOAP Sender. Could be any type.

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Im not sure you can dynamically select the method on the fly, but you could setup a destination per MessageType and use filters to ensure that a message is routed to the correct destination (method).

I will look into the dynamic select. Perhaps the method is available via a javascript transformer object.

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