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I want to render same template on one page which should display the value depending on the param value(3 or 4). View is --

 <td >
<g:render template="gdxqStatusTemplate" model="[param:3]" /> </td>
<td >
<g:render template="gdxqStatusTemplate" model="[param:4]" /> </td>

Controller has -

 [ total3:totalValue3,total4:totalValue4]

how to show the appropriate value of total in template code -

<table >
    <tr ><td class="InputText" nowrap><b>   MessageQ Status,/td>

<tr> <td class="NoLight" nowrap>Total MessageQ : ${total+params}***/* IT SHOWS "total4" NOT THE VALUE.*/***
<tr height=30></tr>
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Yo must change:

 <g:render template="gdxqStatusTemplate" model="[param:3]" />


 <g:render template="gdxqStatusTemplate" bean="${total3}" />

And in your template replace:

 <td class="NoLight" nowrap>Total MessageQ : ${total+params}</td>


 <td class="NoLight" nowrap>Total MessageQ : ${it}</td>

For documentation check: http://grails.org/doc/2.0.x/ref/Tags/render.html

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thanks.worked for me. –  sana Apr 5 '12 at 18:41

Do you know that you can use arrays or objects here? like

model: [total: [null, null, totalValue3, totalValue4]]

and use as

<td class="NoLight" nowrap>Total MessageQ : ${total[params]}</td>
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did not know.thanks for suggestion,really helpful. will make change. –  sana Apr 5 '12 at 18:42

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