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I want to prevent the monitor from going to sleep (the windows setting, not the monitor setting). I am using c++. What call do I make?

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class KeepDisplayOn
    	mPrevExecState = ::SetThreadExecutionState(ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED | ES_SYSTEM_REQUIRED | ES_CONTINUOUS);
    	::SystemParametersInfo(SPI_GETSCREENSAVETIMEOUT, 0, &mPrevScreenSaver, 0);
    	::SystemParametersInfo(SPI_SETSCREENSAVETIMEOUT, FALSE, NULL, 0);

    	::SystemParametersInfo(SPI_SETSCREENSAVETIMEOUT, mPrevScreenSaver, NULL, 0);

    UINT				mPrevScreenSaver;
    EXECUTION_STATE		mPrevExecState;
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nice use of RAII – Johannes Schaub - litb Jun 16 '09 at 19:20
But setting the screen saver time out is not necessary once you set the thread execution state to ES_DISPLAY_REQUIRED. What if the user wants to change the screen saver settings while the application's running? – macbirdie Jun 17 '09 at 13:32

A simpler way that doesn't modify global system state like the first response does:

In your window procedure, add a handler for WM_SYSCOMMAND. When wParam is SC_MONITORPOWER, return 0 instead of deferring to DefWindowProc. (When wParam is any other value, make sure you either handle the message or pass it to DefWindowProc. Otherwise the user will have difficulty adjusting your window at runtime.)

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This only works for the foreground window – Anders Jun 16 '09 at 22:30


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Would this work? – Nathan Lawrence Nov 28 '09 at 1:11
As opposed to not working? That's what MSDN recommends. – MSN Nov 30 '09 at 18:17

Wiggle the mouse every minute or so.

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