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I'm trying to refund transactions using the Paypal NVP API. I've got some payments in a sandbox account, but when I try to issue a refund though the API I get You do not have permissions to make this API call. But I'm not sure what credentials I should be using.

According to the documentation, it says:

To access the PayPal API, you need API credentials, either an API signature or API certificate, that identify you. Use the following sample API signature and password in your sample programs that run in the PayPal Sandbox test environment.

API username
API signature A‑IzJhZZjhg29XQ2qnhapuwxIDzyAZQ92FRP5dqBzVesOkzbdUONzmOU

I tried generating API credentials for the sandbox merchant account that's issuing the refunds, but the Paypal website crashes every time I try. Are these the correct credentials? What do I need to do to test this?

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Your test accounts do not have credentials.

To get started with Payment Card in Sandbox, you must first create a buyer test account and enable in-store checkout.

After login sandbox you will find that option in menu API and Payment Card Credentials and then click it you will get option Create Test Account and after create account you will get API Username, API Password and Signature.

Use those API Username, API Password and Signature in your application.

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