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I want to build something where the user to browse the local files on the application I am providing, the screen is actually identical to OpenFileDialog, but I do not want that to be a dialog but a control on my form.

I tried to use a Web Browser control, it works, but I have to write a bunch of navigation code in order for that to work, and another problem is if the user selected any files on that screen, I am not sure how to capture the results.

So is there another way to do that? Or maybe override some of the OpenFileDialog control to make it not only showing as a dialog but a normal control.


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Maybe something like this is what you are looking for:

It uses the tree view.


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It's better to use the openfiledialog and attempt to ownerdraw that (which I think you can enable).

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Use controls from Shell MegaPack - they can be put on your own forms, and provide lots of customization and flexibility.

DISCLAIMER: I work for LogicNP Software, the developer of Shell MegaPack.

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