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I'm writing a function to parse words inline in a contenteditable div and replace tags (@..., #...) with an anchor tag. I was firing it on the keyup event, and it worked perfectly. The problem was that I wanted to replace tags not only after the user hits space, but also after they hit a non-word character. Since the keyup event only gets access to the key pressed, not the actual character entered, I couldn't recognize punctuation marks.

All I did was change to the keypress event, and now my function leaves off the last character of the tag when creating the anchor. Here is my code:

wordStart and wordEnd seem to have correct values, but j.toString() produces the wrong result.


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Try the following:

On keypress, get the character entered, save it in a variable. On keyup, look at the value in the variable, if it's the punctuation you are looking for, execute your replacement logic.

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Thanks! This does the trick. However, I'd like to not have to use keyup at all if possible because if you type too fast, the keyup event is sometimes missed. – Jared Apr 5 '12 at 19:04

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