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I have a core Web-Base.jar file that has shared components that I use in my web applications.

I'm using Wicket 1.5. While trying to Solve a problem I was browsing the javadoc and found MetaInfStaticResourceReference which I think could improve my applications efficiency, and simplicity.

How can I set up Web-Base so that my Web Applications that list Web-Base as a dependency have the necessary resources added to META-INF/resources/* in the final .war file?

NOTE: I'm using

  • wicket 1.5.5
  • Maven
  • Tomcat 6 (just started looking into upgrading to Tomcat 7.)
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This will work only on Tomcat 7 because this is supported only in Servlet3 specification. Put the resources in $PROJECT/src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/ folder.

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