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Say I have the following Backbone Router:

class App.Routers.ThingsRouter extends Backbone.Router
  initialize: -> new App.Collections.ThingsCollection()

  index: ->
    that = this
    @collection.fetch success: ->
      view = new App.Views.ThingsIndex(collection: that.collection)

I need to write a Jasmine spy that can watch this and ensure that App.Views.ThingsIndex() is called. However, as it's AJAX, the following won't work:

describe 'index', ->
  @router = new App.Routers.ThingsRouter()
  spyOn(@router.collection, 'fetch')
  fake = { render: -> '' }
  @previewsIndexStub = spyOn(Periscope.Views, 'PreviewsIndex').andReturn(fake)

Because Jasmine runs the expectation function before the AJAX call can complete. Is there a good way to test a callback like this?

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Use jasmines built in waitsFor & runs method in order to wait for the ajax call to complete before executing your expect function. See Jasmine - Asynchronous specs for documentation on these two functions.

describe 'index', ->
  @router = new App.Routers.ThingsRouter()
  spyOn(@router.collection, 'fetch')
  fake = {}; fake.render = -> '';
  @previewsIndexStub = spyOn(Periscope.Views, 'PreviewsIndex').andReturn(fake)
  waitsFor => @previewsIndexStub.wasCalled
  Or if you want to wait for the method to be called more than once
  use form waitsFor => @previewsIndexStub.callCount > 1
  runs => expect(@previewsIndexStub).toHaveBeenCalled()
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Don't know if this works, as @previewsIndexStub doesn't have the toHaveBeenCalled() function available to it like expect(@previewsIndexStub) does. I get 'undefined' is not a function – clem Apr 5 '12 at 19:48
@clem my bad you'll want to use the variable wasCalled instead – soldier.moth Apr 5 '12 at 19:56
I was making this edit as you updated it, thanks! – clem Apr 5 '12 at 19:57

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