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I am novice with SSRS.

I have a report which should display 60 months (5 years displayed like Jan 1999, feb 1999 & so on till the end of 60 months) and its corresponding sales amount. I want to add averages for the first 12 months (i.e for the 1st year) and so on. Is it possible? My dataset just gives me all the 60 months row-by-row.I am using matrix for my report.

Thanks, User007.

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its not add but get before the word averages, thanks –  user1176058 Apr 5 '12 at 19:45

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I would add some nested row grouping to the matrix. The higher-level group would be by year, which would allow you to have a row in the matrix that totals/averages all of the data for the year. The inner group would be by month, giving you the individual month rows as your dataset returns them.

Here is some information about defining and using groups

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