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I have a tcpdf template that I want to show norwegian letters like ÆØÅ The font I am using is freesans.

The template gets dynamic information from the database and show ÆØÅ correcly but from the php language file it only show ? where theese letters should show.

Both template, connection to db and language file is coded with utf-8.

Any suggestion what could be wrong since the font I use does support this.

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I can suggest looking at mpdf: - In all my cases, it delivered better results than tcpdf, and it surely can handle a bigger amount of css rules :-) –  Victor Nitu Apr 6 '12 at 0:24

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Check out this blogpost that explains how to use custom fonts and characters in TCPDF. It points to this font convert website that will help you to convert your fonts in a correct way so they will display special characters correctly.

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