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I have researched this topic top to bottom and am to the point of having to reinstall my operating system. I receive the "stack overflow requires external javascript..." error and any other site that uses Google cdn also fails. I'm having to post from my phone since I can't get the site to work.

I'm using lion osx.

I have already tried clearing caches, removing firewall, deleting all browsers. The problem is unique to Google. I can connect to Microsoft cdn. If I navigate to googles library page I can browse available libraries but if i attempt to navigate to the library itself I receive an error stating the server rejected the connection and chrome gave an error 102 refused. Anything that begins with ajax.googleapis will return this error. Same errors given in chrome, safari, and FireFox. Google console also shows the jquery library failed to connect and failed to load. Javascript is enabled. It is not an isp issue, I am unable to connect from anywhere and I am not using any proxies.

I have no ideas left and greatly appreciate any advice. Thank you

RESPONSE TO COMMENTS (04.05 8:40PM) Thanks for the comments 1) I'm not using openDNS - I had seen where that caused a number of issues 2) Thanks for pointing that out, I'll look into moving that over if no others have advice Thanks again to all

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Are you using OpenDNS? –  andrewpthorp Apr 5 '12 at 20:41
This sounds like a question you should post to superuser.com. It might be a problem in your /etc/hosts or network configuration. –  mqsoh Apr 5 '12 at 20:44
You might want to install fiddler and take a look at your http traffic. If your requests by software on your computer you should see that they never make it out. –  mrtsherman Apr 6 '12 at 3:26