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Any recommendations for a WUI framework for use with C++ on Windows and possibly other platforms?

This, Good C++ GUI library for Windows, recommends Qt for multi-platform GUI with C++. I'm looking for something similar that would allow remote web-based GUI access for small light-weight apps.

There's a WUI framework on sourceforge - - but it's for Java rather than C++.

Ideal specs:

  • Like Qt, works with standard C++
  • Like Qt, is multi-platform (Windows, Linux, embedded)
  • Access with browser to port, say,, or remote access.
  • Like a web-appliance (router etc) implements a small webserver for 1 or 2 clients.
  • Unlike IIS or Apache, is small and self-contained in the app.
  • Optional: Like Qt, has a WYSIWYG designer tool

Why I'd want this:

  • For remote access to a GUI on an embedded internet appliance running Linux or Windows (xp, Win7 etc)
  • To share more code between the embedded application and utilities used for test and diagnostics
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Do you mean something like Wt ?

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