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We deployed umbraco DB and umbraco site on azure. The top level umbraco admin page works (abc.xyz.com/umbraco/login.aspx), however, we have multiple domains created (lmn.abc.xyz.com, pqr.abc.xyz.com and so on). We cannot see other websites coming up. The page just displays that these sites are available (abc.xyz.com). Your help is much appreciated in this regards.

Thank you.


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Silly one, but have you created the CNAME-s pointing to the [your_service].cloudapp.net ? –  astaykov Apr 6 '12 at 6:05

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I am just asking another obvious question. Have you add host name information to Umbraco nodes? I am assuming multiple sites under Content node in Umbraco. Right click on the node and select "Manage hostnames", add host names to each node.

  Page 1
  Page 2
  Page 1
  Page 2

Browse the pages locally (URL in properties tab). i.e. localhost:port/lmn-home/page1 etc.

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