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I'm trying to use -y C command in iperf which is used to write the throughput between the client and server in CSV format. So this is the command that is used to start the server

            iperf -s -w 8M -f m -i 10 -p 4 // This works

But when i use the -y C which writes the output to in CSV format. The server doesn't start listening

           iperf -s -w 8M -f m -i 10 -p 4 -y C // This doesn't work.

i dont know why this is not working. But the same -y C on the client seems to be working.The answers are highly appreciated.

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The Server is in Listening Mode. Try to send some data to the server. You will see data received on Server in CSV Format.

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I just tried your command on my computer and I think there's a typo. You are setting the port to 4 (-p 4) which is one of the reserved ports (although wikipedia say it's unassigned.

If I change your command to:

iperf -s -w 8M -f m -i 10 -P 4 -yc

it works (assuming you meant to have 4 threads), although it won't dump the output until the 10 second interval is over.

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