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I am using the Amazon S3 SDK for PHP. I am wondering if there is a way to retrieve the objects in a particular order, like by file name, or by modified date. Currently it is just listing them based on when they were uploaded. I am using this method, but maybe there is another method that would fit better.

$object_list_array = $s3->get_object_list(MYBUCKET, array(
  'prefix' => '/path/to/folder/with/files/'

What is the best way to express what order I would like them returned?

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I don't think it's possible. If you check the definition of the get_object_list function in


it lists a load of options which can be passed, but there's a notable lack of an option to define the order of the results:

  • delimiter
  • marker
  • max-keys
  • pcre
  • prefix
  • curlopts

In my limited testing it seems to return the files ordered by their name rather than their creation date.

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Not using the SDK directly. However, there are alternative options. For example, if you were to store your objects in an array, you can take advantage of PHP's numerous array-sorting methods.

See here:

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