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Udid deprecated - how would you store the settings for push notification per device now?

How does everyone else store push settings per device?

Can we use the iphone/ipad MAC Address? or will apple ban the app?

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Like this:

@interface UIDevice (UIDeviceAppIdentifier)
@property (readonly) NSString *deviceApplicationIdentifier;

@implementation UIDevice (UIDeviceAppIdentifier)
- (NSString *) deviceApplicationIdentifier
  static NSString *name     = @"a string identifying your application, like its name";
  NSUserDefaults  *defaults = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];  
  NSString        *value    = [defaults objectForKey: name];

  if (!value)
      value = (NSString *) CFUUIDCreateString (NULL, CFUUIDCreate(NULL));    
      [defaults setObject: value forKey: name];
      [defaults synchronize]; // handle error
  return value;

the iOS documentation more or less describes use of CFUUIDCreate() to create an identifier and suggests using UserDefaults to store it.

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You could try this project

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