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Looking for some sort of tool that would allow me to layout my page visually using some sort of GUI, then generate the necessary CSS that would allow a web page to look like that.

I am new to this sort of thing, so please tell me if this is even possible!

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+1: great question, I have been looking around for exactly the same thing. Seeing as the last activity on this particular question is over a year old, it would be very interesting to see if there's anything new out there.. –  posdef Mar 10 '11 at 10:25

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There's a massive list on Wikipedia here and a comparison page here

Also, I'm pretty sure Expression is the replacement for FrontPage.

Dreamweaver is the one I've spent the most time with. The New Document dialogue has a comprehensive list of CSS templates to get you started - you can select from 30 or 40 different permutations of 1, 2 and 3 fixed and fluid column layouts with or without headers and footers.

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  • Adobe DreamWeaver
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Microsoft VisualStudio /
  • Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express

All of those 3 will do what you need.

(DreamWeaver is a bit of an "industry standard" I believe. Although once you get more experienced, you can do the whole thing in Notepad if you so choose!)

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CSSEdit for Mac looks pretty win.

There's also Style Master CSS for Windows.

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I heard something about Dreamweaver coming out with some more badass visual design tools in 2013. Probably going to announce it at MAX.

When I heard about the Fluid Grid Layouts I was really skeptical at first but they are actually pretty darn good, albeit some bugs.

Who knows - maybe they will be able to pull it off? My company sprung for Creative Cloud Memberships for us so I'm sticking with Dreamweaver for now. Messing around with Edge Code and Reflow a little. Reflow is pretty.

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