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My applications post on users' profiles and I can see them with no problem on PC (using a normal browser -like IE, Google chrome, Firefox, Safari-), but when I go to iPhone and see news feed on Facebook application there, all of them are invisible. Even if a person put a comment on any of them, I can see the notification (on iphone) but when I click on the notification for that post, it redirect me to a page which says

the page you requested cannot be displayed right now. it maybe temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on maybe broken or expired, or you may not have permission to view this page

I can see other's applications' post on my iphone, only my applications (all of them) are invisible :(
I tried all the settings that I could think of in application settings and I also made manual changes to the post and make them public (default was friends only), but still the result was same.

I really appreciate any help/comment.

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