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I"m trying to work on a Twitter Github project. I have an OAuth class that I want uploaded once to give the layout for OAuth, however after that I dont want it to be committed anymore so I can put my data in it and not have it uploaded. Is there anyway to do this?

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You can use update-index to tell git that it should always assume that file is never changed:

git update-index --assume-unchanged oath.class

You can toggle it back by using --no-assume-unchanged

git update-index --no-assume-unchanged oath.class

Which will make git notice changes to the file again.

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You can use a .gitignore to ignore certain files in future commits. See http://book.git-scm.com/4_ignoring_files.html

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You could also ignore the file from the very beginning and force the 'template' in with git add --force myFile –  kgz Apr 5 '12 at 23:48
Didn't know that parameter. Very useful. –  marcio Apr 5 '12 at 23:55

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