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I've been trying to get a tabeView to display one of its columns as comboBoxes. In order to do this, I've written the code for a custom delegate:

class comboBoxDelegate(QStyledItemDelegate):

def __init__(self, model, parent=None):
    super(comboBoxDelegate, self).__init__(parent)
    self.parent= parent
    self.model= model

def createEditor(self, parent, option, index):

    if not index.isValid():
        return False


    self.comboBox = QComboBox(parent)
    value = index.data(Qt.DisplayRole)

    return self.comboBox

def setEditorData(self, editor, index):
    value = index.data(Qt.DisplayRole)

def setModelData(self, editor, model, index):

    if not index.isValid():
        return False

    index.model().setData(index, editor.currentIndex(), Qt.EditRole)

def paint(self, painter, option, index):
    currentIndex= index.data(Qt.DisplayRole)

    opt= QStyleOptionComboBox()
    opt.rect= option.rect
    currentComboIndex= self.model.createIndex(currentIndex,0)
    opt.currentText= self.model.data(currentComboIndex, Qt.DisplayRole)

    QApplication.style().drawComplexControl(QStyle.CC_ComboBox, opt, painter)

The problem is that when I try it the comboBox doesn't show any text at first (only once you've clicked on it). It seems the currentText property isn't working. Any help will be appreciated.

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Did you check if self.model.data(currentComboIndex, Qt.DisplayRole) actually returns a valid string? –  Masci Apr 6 '12 at 8:25
Thank you and yes, it does return a string –  d1m0o Apr 7 '12 at 20:30

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I think you should call parent class paint() method. Add:

QStyledItemDelegate.paint(self, painter, option, index)

at the end of the paint method in your class, after the call to drawComplexControl

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It works, thank you! –  d1m0o Apr 13 '12 at 13:06
Calling QStyledItemDelegate.paint(self, painter, option, index) completely undoes any painting that was done before it. If you always call this as the last statement of paint, then you may as well not override paint. –  Nathan Mar 8 '13 at 18:23

You can override QStyledItemDelegate.displayText() method to make your delegate display text without reimplementing paint(). Something like

class comboBoxDelegate(QStyledItemDelegate):
    def displayText(self, value, locale=None):
        return get_appropriate_text_representation_for_value(value)
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I know this is old, but you really don't have to deal with the painting at all. The combobox doesn't show a value because the combobox current index was likely set as a string instead of an int.

class ComboBoxDelegate(QtGui.QStyledItemDelegate):
    """ComboBox view inside of a Table. It only shows the ComboBox when it is
       being edited.
    def __init__(self, model, itemlist=None):
        self.model = model
        self.itemlist = None
    # end Constructor

    def createEditor(self, parent, option, index):
        """Create the ComboBox editor view."""
        if self.itemlist is None:
            self.itemlist = self.model.getItemList(index)

        editor = QtGui.QComboBox(parent)
        return editor
    # end createEditor

    def setEditorData(self, editor, index):
        """Set the ComboBox's current index."""
        value = index.data(QtCore.Qt.DisplayRole)
        i = editor.findText(value)
        if i == -1:
            i = 0
    # end setEditorData

    def setModelData(self, editor, model, index):
        """Set the table's model's data when finished editing."""
        value = editor.currentText()
        model.setData(index, value)
    # end setModelData
# end class ComboBoxDelegate

This delegate will only show the combo box when the item is being edited otherwise it shows a normal text item delegate.

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