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I have preloaded xml records on the client side, on which jquery ui autocomplete is applied.
Say there is a record like this one: "car,bike,plane".

Currently (while using jquery ui autocomplete) if a user types : "car,bike" --> it will find the record mentioned above.
However if the user types: "car bike" (which means instead of comma, a whitespace ) --> no results will be displayed.

How to match "car bike" with the given "comma" separated record?

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I think that you can split the two arrays and loop one of them searching the index of the looped items at the other array.

<script type="text/javascript">

    var str="car,bike,plane";
    var strToSearch= "car bike";

    var splitted = str.split(",");
    var strToSearchSplitted = strToSearch.split(' ');
    var found = false;

    for (var i in splitted){
      if (strToSearchSplitted.indexOf(splitted[i]) != -1){
        found = true;
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thanks for your help bro, i did split but used different way, check my answer if u want. – shadesco Apr 11 '12 at 4:54
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For the peeps who might be dealing with the same situation, here is the solution i came up with, a brief explanation first:

  • First, i split the search term (query) on white space
  • I then dynamically build a regex definition by concatenating the splitted words with some more regex attributes. For example: say user searches for "Car Bike" --> after splitting i dynamically build the following string:
    [str = "Car"+(any character(s))+"Bike"+(any character(s))] , which is then fed to javascript RegExp.

To make it more clear, here is my Code:(hopefully it might help you)

$( "#field" ).autocomplete({
         source:function(request, response) {
         var query_array = request.term.toUpperCase().split(/\s+/g);//split on white space
         if(query_array.length >1)// if two ore more words, separated by whitespace
           if(!/^\s*$/.test(query_array[query_array.length-1]))//if last word is not only whitespace
                var new_query = '';
                for (var i=0; i<query_array.length; ++i )
                   new_query+='(\\b' +query_array[i]+'\\b)';//word boundaries
                     new_query+="([\\s\\S\\.]*)";// match ALL characters including newline , * is for many

                 var matcher = new RegExp('^'+new_query, "g");//must Start with query term, apply regex global
                 var a = $.grep( autocomplete_data_array, function(item,index){
                               return matcher.test(item.value);

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