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I'm using rails3-autocomplete-jquery. I've got the basic case working on my app. The basic case is for the code stated below of autocomplete :vendor, :name_en

I've dedicated my a controller to deal with autocomplete called auto_controller.rb

class AutoController < SplashController
  autocomplete :vino, :wine_name
  autocomplete :vendor, :name_en


get "auto/autocomplete_wine_name" => "auto#autocomplete_wine_name", :controller => 'auto', :action => "autocomplete_wine_name", :via => :get
get "auto/autocomplete_vendor_name_en" => "auto#autocomplete_vendor_name_en", :controller => 'auto', :action => "autocomplete_vendor_name_en", :via => :get

I'm getting an unknown action when I access /auto/autocomplete_wine_name, but when I access /auto/autocomplete_vendor_name_en it works okay. The error I get is as follows:

Unknown action

The action 'autocomplete_wine_name' could not be found for AutoController
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I think you forgot the class name (vino) in your route, shouldn't your routes file be:

get "auto/autocomplete_vino_wine_name" => "auto#autocomplete_vino_wine_name", :controller => 'auto', :action => "autocomplete_vino_wine_name", :via => :get
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That it's it. Thanks for the prompt response. –  David Tsai Apr 6 '12 at 3:25

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