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I'm looping my object data but am getting this undefined value.

Not sure why but was hoping some one can explain.

My object is like this:

//globally set
var sdata = {"4":{"7":["1","7","3","3"]},"3":{"3":["2","8","1","1"]}};

And i loop the object like this:

function is_occupied(position) {
    for (var x in sdata) {
        for (var y in sdata) {
            // error's here Cannot read property '2' of undefined
            var ex = sdata[x][y][2] > position.block_width ? (sdata[x][y][2] + (sdata[x][y][2] - position.block_width)) : sdata[x][y][2],
            var ey = sdata[x][y][3] > position.block_height ? (sdata[x][y][3] + (sdata[x][y][3] - position.block_height)) : sdata[x][y][3];
            if (position.x >= sdata[x][y][2] && position.x <= ex && position.y >= sdata[x][y][3] && position.y <= ey) {

I'm wondering why it would say its undefined ? =/ Can't work it out. Its suppose to be getting position [2] in the array data of that object.

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I believe you want to be looping over sdata[x], not sdata in your inner loop:

function is_occupied(position) {
    for(var x in sdata){
     for(var y in sdata[x]){
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Ah ! Good spot Sir!! So it was! :) – Dave Apr 6 '12 at 2:23

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