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Hi I am trying to work with this module ->

It works great except when I use curl to send requests, if I send this

localhost/restify/test?id=1 then I get the value of id

If I do this

localhost/restify/test/1 or localhost/restify/test/index/1 I get routed to the defualt page (error page)

So I asume Index is mapped to GET ,so anything thats not test/index is routed, but I cant figure out how to allow it to accept it.

Has anyone solved this ?


if (trim(Request::detect_uri(), '/') == 'restify/test')
Route::set('restify/test', '<directory>(/<controller>(/<action>(id/<id>)))')
'directory'     => 'restify', 
'controller'    => 'test'
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You have to show us your bootstrap.php or we can't help you. –  gspatel Apr 6 '12 at 4:44
thats the thing, I dont think its the bootstrap because as soon as the module sees GET it goes to index anything else like index/44 is sent to default page . here it is. if (trim(Request::detect_uri(), '/') == 'restify/test') { Route::set('restify/test', '<directory>(/<controller>(/<action>(id/<id>)))') ->defaults(array ( 'directory' => 'restify', 'controller' => 'test' )); } –  user1314285 Apr 6 '12 at 5:44

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try inserting this in your bootstrap...

echo Debug::vars(trim(Request::detect_uri(), '/'));

if it does not equal restify/test when you curl the request, something is up and you might need to fix the module

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