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I have a powershell script that I would like to run from C#. The contents of the script are:

$w = Get-SPWebApplication "http://mysite/"
$w.UseClaimsAuthentication = 1

and is used to set a site to Claims Based Authentication. I know how to execute a multiple commands from C# but am not sure how to run the entire script taking into account the variable $w.

PowerShell OPowerShell = null;
Runspace OSPRunSpace = null;
RunspaceConfiguration OSPRSConfiguration = RunspaceConfiguration.Create();
PSSnapInException OExSnapIn = null;
//Add a snap in for SharePoint. This will include all the power shell commands for SharePoint
PSSnapInInfo OSnapInInfo = OSPRSConfiguration.AddPSSnapIn("Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell", out OExSnapIn);
OSPRunSpace = RunspaceFactory.CreateRunspace(OSPRSConfiguration);
OPowerShell = PowerShell.Create();
OPowerShell.Runspace = OSPRunSpace;
Command Cmd1 = new Command("Get-SPWebApplication");
// Another command
// Another command

How would I execute all of the commands either by adding them as separate commands or saving the script to file and reading it in for execution? What is the best practice?

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You can use the AddScript method to add a string containing a script:

 $w = Get-SPWebApplication ""http://mysite/""
 $w.UseClaimsAuthentication = 1

You can add multiple script excerpts to the pipeline before invoking it. You can also pass parameters to the script, like:

 $w = Get-SPWebApplication $args[0]
OPowerShell.Commands.AddParameter(null, "http://mysite/");

You can also have a look at Runspace Samples on MSDN.

--- Ferda

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