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I am wanting to check if an input field has the attribute "pattern" and if so, preform a regex check aganst said pattern.I know this is already done by HTML5, but I am wanting to handle the event myself. I am receiving this error: Uncaught TypeError: Object a-zA-Z has no method 'test'

 ///Check Perform Reg///////////////////////////////////////////////////////
         if ($(this).attr("pattern")) {
             var reg = $(this).attr("pattern");
             var currentValue = $(this).val();

             if (reg.test(currentValue)) {
                 $(this).after($error.clone().text("Invalid Input.Try Again."));
                 hasError = true;
                 return false;


Still no luck,

also here is my html:

    <input class="formInput" name="First Name" pattern="^[A-Za-z_-][A-Za-z0-9_-]*$" type="text"  id="frmFirst" min="2" maxlength="30"  required="required"/>
    <span>First Name</span>
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Normally regular expression with javascript / jquery handle like

var reg = /pattern/;
if (reg.test($(this).val())) {
    // perform some task
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It appears to be the same thing my code already does. except the pattern is passed from a variabel –  user1265533 Apr 6 '12 at 4:13
yea it look like same, for regular expression you need to enclose pattern within /[pattern]/ e.g /test/ for matching with value test. –  irfanmcsd Apr 6 '12 at 4:19

As already mentioned by others you need to use an object instead of the string returned by the jQuery attr() method. You can see the difference between the two here.

Will return "string":

var reg = $(this).attr("pattern");
console.log(typeof reg)

Will return with "object":

var reg = new RegExp($(this).attr("pattern"));
console.log(typeof reg);

So if you replace:

var reg = $(this).attr("pattern");


var reg = new RegExp($(this).attr("pattern"));

The Uncaught TypeError: Object a-zA-Z has no method 'test' error will disappear

...but your validation still won't work very well. Your conditional logic says if the regex test returns TRUE then handle an error:

if (reg.test(currentValue)) {
    //error handling

Instead it should handle an error if the test returns FALSE:

if (!reg.test(currentValue)) {
    //error handling

This should work for you.

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You can try something like this. It will alert "var2 failed".

var var1 = "1";
var var2 = "A";
var myRegEx = new RegExp('[0-9]+'); //make sure the var is a number

if (var1 != myRegEx.exec(var1)) {
    alert("var1 failed");

if (var2 != myRegEx.exec(var2)) {
    alert("var2 failed");
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A string is not a RegExp object. You could use something like:

var reg = new RegExp($(this).attr("pattern"));
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still no luck.. –  user1265533 Apr 6 '12 at 13:02

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