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I have set up my imagemap with the jquery-plugin mapster

the code shows me, which countries are clicked ('1' for Egypt, '2' for Libyia ..)

    $(document).ready(function() {

    function geklickt (e){
    //alert(typeof e.key);     return string
    $('.showme').append(e.key+ ' ');

    mapKey: 'ALT',
    stroke: true,
    strokeWidth: 2,
    strokeColor: 'ff0000' ,
    onConfigured: function(){
    //    howto set up loop for asking user here???
    } ,
    onClick: geklickt

My problem: I want to ask the user in a loop for different countries like this: " Click on Egypt"

    if (e.key == '1')
    // message "Ok"
    // add one point
    // message "NOT Ok"

"Click on Tunisia" ...

I dont know how to code this loop , so that the user is asked for the first country and then the program waits until the user has clicked a country and then the user is asked the second country ....



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You don't need a loop. JavaScript lends itself to event-driven actions, not "waiting on user input."

Keep an array (or object) of the country names using their pre-defined keys and use a structure like this to prompt the user:

<div>Click on <span id="countryname"></span></div>

Then use javascript to dynamically change the name displayed based on the current key.

Example JS (not complete, but has necessary information):

var countryArray, currentKey;
countryArray = [];
 * populate countryArray using keys like this
 * countryArray[key] = "Name";
function setCountry(key){

currentKey = 0; //can be set randomly or however you'd like

function geklickt (e){
    if(currentKey == e.key){
        //add one point
        currentKey = newKey; //however you want to set it
    } else {
        //message: "NOT OK"
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Added a line to initialize the array. Like I said, it wasn't complete--just meant to show you what you needed to do. Did this work for you? – jandjorgensen Apr 9 '12 at 1:07
yes! thank you very much! – Kurt Apr 9 '12 at 6:13

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