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I'm using this gem which is built on

In the client class it creates a connection as follows:

  def initialize(consumer_key, consumer_secret, token, token_secret)
    consumer =, consumer_secret, {
      :site               => "",
      :scheme             => :header
    @connection =,token, token_secret)

    @calendars =

For the consumer_key do I put what the Google API console lists as 'Client ID'? For the consumer_secret do I put what the Google API console lists as 'Client secret'? I know the token is what I get back after the OAuth authentication. And I assume I set token_secret to "" ?

This is what I'm doing and I keep getting:

"GoogleCalendarApiV2::AuthenticationError (GoogleCalendarApiV2::AuthenticationError):" 

when I call:

  client = {'Client ID'}, {'Client secret'}, params[:access_token], ""
  calendar = client.calendars.all

Any idea what's going on?

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2 Answers 2

The client id is your domain.

Should look like this:

client = '', 'some_secret_key_for_your_domain', 'oauth_token_for_the_user', 'oauth_secret_for_the_user'

Remember that this Gem is for OAuth1 and the APIv2, the newer APIv3 doesn't work like this. It use OAuth2 which is different.

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Calendar API v3 is supported by the new Google APIs Client Library for Ruby:

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