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final="cacls " + "E:/" + "\"" + list1[2] + " " + list1[3] + "\""  + "  /p " + str
pro = subprocess.Popen(final,shell=True, stdin=subprocess.PIPE)

Trying to set permission to a folder Using Python but while running this command , User input needs to be provided too i.e

it asks ARE YOU SURE(Y/N) and the user needs to enter "Y" or "N"

The above code is not setting the permission.

This was the question i had asked before:

Python code to send command through command line

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As a smart programmer, use PBS

Then, the code is:

from pbs import type as echo# Isn't it echo for Windows? If not, use the correct one

script = Command("/path/to/cacls ")
print script(echo("Y"), ("E:/" + "\"" + list1[2] + " " + list1[3] + "\""  + "  /p " + str).split())
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