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I have a script located at /tmp/"My Batch Script Files"/Processing

How would I run this from the home directory /tmp/ in another script

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If it is executable:

"/tmp/My Batch Script Files/Processing" arg1 arg2 ...

If it is not exectuable, either make it executable or:

bash "/tmp/My Batch Script Files/Processing" arg1 arg2 ...

You can place the double quotes around the whole path name as I did, or around the component containing the spaces, or almost any other location you choose in between. With just two double quotes, this as close together as you can place them:

/tmp/My" Batch Script "Files/Processing arg1 arg2 ...

or use backslashes if you prefer (I don't recommend them, though):

/tmp/My\ Batch\ Script\ Files/Processing arg1 arg2 ...

On the whole, though, I'd go with the first suggestion, or use:

proc_script="/tmp/My Batch Script Files/Processing"

"$proc_script" arg1 arg2 ...

This is particularly attractive if you generate the file name while the outer script is running.

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