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When typing an command, I get an error like this:

Error detected while processing function <SNR>19_onCommandPre..fuf#mrucmd#onCommandPre..<SNR>25_updateInfo..fuf#updateMruList:
line    2:
E121: Undefined variable: word
line    5:
E121: Undefined variable: word

Is it a bug or just cause by my incorrect configuration?

I set let g:fuf_modesDisable=[] in my .vimrc.

And the vim version I use if vim 7.3, the fuzzyfinder version is fuzzyfinder 4.2.2

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I had the same (or very similar) problem. I've filed issues against FuzzyFinder.

If you follow the link you will find the details of my investigation together with solution. If nothing else work I believe that wiping out ~/.vim-fuf-data directory will do. But better to try what is described in the issue first (~/.vim-fuf-data/mrufile/items).

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I encountered the same error. Deleting the FuzzyFinder data file fixed the issue for me. Of course I am starting from scratch now, but it works!

Delete the following:

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