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If a customer schedules a service activity using my web application and I want to send them an automated confirmation email, it seems I have two options:

  • Have the workflow create and send a new email message. On this view (see below), you can use fields from related entities on the service activity (e.g. the customer's first name).

  • Have the workflow use an email template. It seems that email templates do not allow you to access fields from a related entity, like first name, so the only option here is to address the customer by their FULL name.

Are there any solutions that I missed, or am I stuck with the first option if I want to address the customer in a personal, natural way on this automated email?

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Unfortunatly, the CRM is pretty limited on that aspect. The best workaround is to add the firstname to the Service Activity entity. May suit you or not. Otherwise, it is achievable through a the SDK, but that's much more complicated if you don't already use it.

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