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I am trying to configure an existing SOAP web service in Mule using Mule Flows. I have an HTTP endpoint with request/response and a SOAP component, say Service A.

Simple SOAP flow I want to configure this setup for a simple flow to work. I have set my HTTP endpoint and the SOAP service. The flow file is shown below.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<mule xmlns="" xmlns:http="" xmlns:cxf="" xmlns:doc="" xmlns:spring="" xmlns:xsi="" version="CE-3.2.1" xsi:schemaLocation=" ">
    <flow name="demoflowFlow1" doc:name="demoflowFlow1">
        <http:inbound-endpoint exchange-pattern="request-response" host="localhost" port="8081" doc:name="HTTP"/>
        <cxf:jaxws-service port="8082" serviceClass="com.myapp.serviceA.ServiceAImplService" doc:name="SOAP"/>

This is not working. My service is a simple one and it takes in a string and returns a string.

@WebService(targetNamespace = "", endpointInterface = "com.myapp.demo.service.IServiceA", portName = "ServiceAImplPort", serviceName = "ServiceAImplService")
public class ServiceAImpl implements IServiceA {
    public String hello(String user) {
        return "at service A: " + user;

I am invoking my flow with the HTTP inbound URL http://localhost:8081/{I am not sure what goes here!} and getting:

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
<faultstring>No such operation: (HTTP GET PATH_INFO: /)</faultstring>

The Mule flow is running as an application in Mule Studio, and the service is running as a SOAP web service from Springsource toolsuite.

What am I doing wrong?

Original WSDL at http://localhost:8080/ServiceA/services/ServiceAImplPort?wsdl

<wsdl:definitions xmlns:soap="" xmlns:tns="" xmlns:wsdl="" xmlns:xsd="" name="ServiceAImplService" targetNamespace="">
<schema xmlns="" xmlns:soap="" xmlns:tns="" xmlns:wsdl="" xmlns:xsd="">
<import namespace="" schemaLocation="http://localhost:8080/ServiceA/services/ServiceAImplPort?xsd=serviceaimpl_schema1.xsd"/>
<wsdl:message name="helloResponse">
<wsdl:part element="tns:helloResponse" name="parameters"></wsdl:part>
<wsdl:message name="hello">
<wsdl:part element="tns:hello" name="parameters"></wsdl:part>
<wsdl:portType name="IServiceA">
<wsdl:operation name="hello">
<wsdl:input message="tns:hello" name="hello"></wsdl:input>
<wsdl:output message="tns:helloResponse" name="helloResponse"></wsdl:output>
<wsdl:binding name="ServiceAImplServiceSoapBinding" type="tns:IServiceA">
<soap:binding style="document" transport=""/>
<wsdl:operation name="hello">
<soap:operation soapAction="urn:Hello" style="document"/>
<wsdl:input name="hello">
<soap:body use="literal"/>
<wsdl:output name="helloResponse">
<soap:body use="literal"/>
<wsdl:service name="ServiceAImplService">
<wsdl:port binding="tns:ServiceAImplServiceSoapBinding" name="ServiceAImplPort">
<soap:address location="http://localhost:8080/ServiceA/services/ServiceAImplPort"/>

FYI, I can run the web service from SpringSource toolsuite without issues. Now, how do I invoke the web service from my HTTP inbound URL with a GET request? [I presume simple web services like these take GET requests.]

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SOAP web services are accessed with POST not GET. In your case, have you considered using a simple-service pattern instead of a flow?… – David Dossot Apr 6 '12 at 12:45
Actually, I am not too clear about consuming a SOAP web-service in a flow. Once I get this pat, I will move to a much more complex flow where there are parallel calls to multiple services and I will have to use choice routers while invoking some services too. So, I will have to use the flow pattern anyway. – r3st0r3 Apr 6 '12 at 18:41
You're correct: the flow pattern is what you need. – David Dossot Apr 7 '12 at 1:09
Have you managed to get it working? I am in a similar dilemma now. – Valentin Despa Feb 8 '13 at 15:51
Yes, I managed to get it working. AMA and I can help you. – r3st0r3 Feb 12 '13 at 16:50

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I think you forgot the @WebMethod annotation at your method. This is basically what your error says: No operation.

Here is a very good example how you can do it.

@WebService(targetNamespace = "", endpointInterface = "com.myapp.demo.service.IServiceA", portName = "ServiceAImplPort", serviceName = "ServiceAImplService")
public class ServiceAImpl implements IServiceA {
    public String hello(@WebParam(name="user")String user) {
        return "at service A: " + user;
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It's very easy ... I guess com.myapp.serviceA.ServiceAImplService is your Service Implementation class and is your Service class ... why don't you try this :-

Mule Config

There is something wrong in your wsdl.... Why < wsdl:service name="ServiceAImplService" > is ServiceAImplService ... instead it should be IServiceA .... ServiceAImplService is the web service implementation class I guess and should be kept in in mule flow

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