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I am building a question answering system restricted to medical queries. I am using first order logic(FOL) to represent questions asked. I have managed to arrive at a FOL expression employing the procedures outlined by the NLTK BOOK.

For example, for a question like:

What are the symptoms of diabetes?

,I have arrived at a representation that looks like:

WHQ(list,exists y.(symptoms(y) & refersTo(y,diabetes)))

Here, WHQ denotes that the question is a What question;list denotes that the outpust must be some sort of list of values;y is some value(variable) that maps to symptoms.

My question is,

  1. Is this approach(or representation) valid?

  2. Considering that the FOL expression is valid, how would i "programmaticaly" map this FOL expression to retrieve the answer from a database?

Any additional insights would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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There's a paper (co-authored) that discusses the same issue. The representation is DRS which is related to FOL, then it is transformed to SQL. Some predicates have to be represented as well. While the paper focuses on comparisons and evaluations, factoid questions are covered as well.

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