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I am having an page which i was showing as a pop up using Nyromodel. the page contains

  1. 4 div which is showing as Tabs (using Jquery Tabs).
  2. 4 Repeater . Each repeater I am having a custom control and I am setting the value from db by setting the datasource to repeater. (This query may have 300-500 rows).
  3. 1 infragistics UltraWebGrid. I add selected values to the grid.

So the problem is it is taking too much time to render if I perform any operation in that UI. I logged the sp execution time, then I found that SP i taking only 2-3 seconds. But the control will render completely after 30-40 seconds. So sp execution time alone is not enough to satisfy the my lead. So kindly help me how to analysis the time of rendering the control. Thanks for any Input

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Set Trace = "true" in your Page Directive now fisrt check which page event is causing the issue. – Helper Apr 6 '12 at 8:41

I would highly recommend you profile your web page using something like jetbrains's dotTrace or RedGate's profiler. They cost some $$ but highly worth it. You can probably download a trial in the mean time. I believe Visual Studio has some profiling built into it, but I've never been able to use as effectively as dotTrace.

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