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this might be a very very basic question, but what is the best way to name my forms?
I mean, can I use spaces or will that give me problems later on?

Should I use "Logged on Popup" or "Logged_on_Popup"?


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What do you mean by "name"? The title of the form or the class name? – Oded Apr 6 '12 at 7:49
The class name and the name that is displayed in the solution explorer. – Yuki Kutsuya Apr 6 '12 at 7:49
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Don't use spaces. Or Underscores. Microsoft do have some naming conventions that they recommend. Whilst they don't specifically have any recommendations re: form naming, they may be quite a good read:

Do favor readability over brevity. The property name CanScrollHorizontally is better than ScrollableX (an obscure reference to the X-axis).

Do not use underscores, hyphens, or any other nonalphanumeric characters.

Also, bear in mind that the name used in your code isn't exposed to the end users - whereas the captions of your forms are - make sure that those captions are well chosen.

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Thanks for the last part of your answer, I always wondered! – Yuki Kutsuya Apr 6 '12 at 8:04

Since Forms are also classes, you should follow the Class Namings:

  • Use a noun or noun phrase to name a class.
  • Use Pascal case.
  • Use abbreviations sparingly.
  • Do not use a type prefix, such as C for class, on a class name. For example, use the class name FileStream rather than CFileStream.
  • Do not use the underscore character (_).
  • Occasionally, it is necessary to provide a class name that begins with the letter I, even though the class is not an interface. This is appropriate as long as I is the first letter of an entire word that is a part of the class name. For example, the class name IdentityStore is appropriate.
  • Where appropriate, use a compound word to name a derived class. The second part of the derived class's name should be the name of the base class. For example, ApplicationException is an appropriate name for a class derived from a class named Exception, because ApplicationException is a kind of Exception. Use reasonable judgment in applying this rule. For example, Button is an appropriate name for a class derived from Control. Although a button is a kind of control, making Control a part of the class name would lengthen the name unnecessarily.

So Log On Popup is invalid and Log_On_Popup should be valid from a compiler perspective, but not from the class naming guidelines. I should opt for LogOnPopup. Where some people like to add a suffix to it LogOnPopupForm.

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Thanks! I won't use spaces and underscores then :). – Yuki Kutsuya Apr 6 '12 at 7:52
public partial class LoggedOnPopupForm

In component name you can use spaces but I don't recommend doing it

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Simple, You can use log_on_popup If your doubt is how to name it then, When your Form designer is open, open the properties window (If properties window is not there, just right click on the form and select properties), In properties , You will find (Name) just type there log_on_popup :)

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