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I want to deploy an EJB 3.0 stateless bean to WAS7 so I can access it as an EJB through a local interface and also as a jax-ws web service.

My bean looks as following:

public class UserManagerImpl implements UserManager {
    public UserManagerImpl() {
    public String getName(){
        return "UserName";

The problem is that if I package it into an EJB-JAR and deploy, it doesn't work as a web service on WAS-7.

The only working configuration for me is if I put the EJB-JAR into a EAR and put this EJB-JAR to a WAR that is also in the EAR, like this:


So my bean is duplicated.

Is there any problem with this design? If so, is there a better solution?

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If your application contains @WebService annotated EJBs, then you need to process the EAR with the endptEnabler tool shipped with WebSphere before deploying it. Note that this doesn't apply to @WebService annotated classes in Web modules.

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Thanks! It helped. – Dmitry Klochkov Apr 9 '12 at 12:23
You are life saver!!!! – Daniel Kec Aug 21 '13 at 14:12

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