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I'm comming from SVN background and I'm having a problem of adding to my main repo a subfolder of subrepo. That means that I don't want to add the whole subrepo to my main project - only a part of it. In my situation I want to include only source files of my library excluding all unit tests.

I have created .hgsub file and wrote there:

libs/my_std_lib =

But when I'm trying to synchronize libs/my_std_lib folder I get such error: HTTP Error: 404 (Not Found)

When I try to synchronize without subpath ( - it works well.

So what do I do wrong or this is not posible in hg?

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The answer is pretty simple : it's impossible to clone only a part of a repository with Mercurial.

By extension, you can't add only a part of a repository as a subrepo.


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OK, so that means that I will have to divide my library into separate repos and that join it into one. Inreption... :) – Rytis Alekna Apr 6 '12 at 12:50

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