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I have the following function in ruby for retrieving certain information from a database.


require "mysql2"
@client = Mysql2::Client.new(:host => "", :username => "root", :password => "password")
query = "use project1"

def nodeslastactive
  query = "SELECT nodeid FROM nodes WHERE lastactive = #{@clock-1}"
  result = @client.query(query)
  if result.size == 0
    return nil
    resultarray = Array.new
    result.each do |row|

It is utilized by this code:

lastactivenodes = nodeslastactive
if lastactivenodes != nil
  lastactivenodes.each do |lastactivenode|

The issue I am getting is that when the connection is established in the 2nd code block, the function tries to connect the node with the value {"nodeid"=>xxxxx}, even though I have copied all hash values out of the hash into an array in the 1st code block for processing by the second block. Any suggestions?

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In the first method you miss the

return resultarray

in the else branch, or it will just return the result hash as it is the last thing evaluated in the method

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Cannot believe I missed that.... been up for about 3 hours trying to figure this out... goes to show sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is what you need - Lifesaver... cheers guido –  marscom Apr 6 '12 at 9:58

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