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There is the legacy native c++ project. In the Command Line Property Pages, the /DPROFILE is added as the additional option. I want to remove it. But I don't know if it is safe. I searched the everywhere. Unfortunately I didn't find the explanation regarding /DPROFILE and /UPROFILE. Does anybody the MSDN know page regarding them? And what are they used for?

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/DPROFILE defines a macro called PROFILE with an empty expansion. /UPROFILE "undefs" a macro called PROFILE. I don't believe that PROFILE has any special meaning for the Visual Studio toolchain.

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/D defines a preprocessing symbol. /DPROFILE means: "define a symbol named PROFILE". You'll have to search through your source code for PROFILE to see if it's safe without it.

Conversely, the /UPROFILE means "undefine PROFILE" (see /U).

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