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I want to start a small project with my arduino. The idea is to have this communication flow:

arduino <-> wireless board <-> Wi-Fi router <-> Web Server <-> Ruby on Rails 3 <-> Smart Phone <-> Browser

I found a framework called RAD (Ruby Arduino Development) but the last update is from 2008. Does anyone know another option to this?

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What wireless board are you using? Each shield generally has its own interface and library. –  Michael Slade Apr 6 '12 at 10:04
I don't have it yet, I want to make sure that it is feasible and then buy the components. –  Snake Sanders Apr 6 '12 at 10:11

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The WiShield has libraries that can talk basic TCP/IP. The source code has an example HTTP client. This can be used as a basis for a client that makes requests to a rails server.

The WiShield seems to be available in a bunch of places.

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