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I followed this guide: Everything went smooth, and I have /usr/include/allegro5 and allegro lirary files in /usr/lib

When I compile simple program, includes are resolved correctly, but I have problem with linking.

pkg-config --libs allegro-5.0 returns "-lallegro".

When I put -lallegro (or pkg-config --libs allegro-50) into the makefile, I get message "Cannot find -lallegro"

Makefile: g++ -static -O2 $(INCLUDES) $(SRC) -otest -D USE_THREADS -lboost_thread -lpthread -L/usr/lib/ pkg-config --libs --cflags allegro-5.0

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If pkg-config --libs allegro-5.0 is returning the -lallegro and the library exists in /usr/lib, then you probably just need to run sudo ldconfig.

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Thank you for the hint, when I run as root: ldconfig | grep allegro, the output is: -> -> (etc for other libraries, comment size is limited) I'm not very experienced linux user, so I'm probably missing something simple as the -lallegro still doesn't work – kovarex Apr 10 '12 at 6:24

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