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I am designing an algorithm for job scheduling problem in networked manufacturing using genetic algorithm.I want to know the real life application where the following problem description can be mapped.

The problem can be described as -

  • There are N jobs each consisting K operations.
  • There are M geographically distributed machines.
  • There exists multiple alternative machines available for an operation in a job.

There are following assumptions-

  1. When an operation of a job is being processed on a machine, it cannot be interrupted until finished
  2. No two jobs are scheduled to be processed on the same machine at the same time
  3. The transportation time exists. After an operation of a job is processed on a machine, it is immediately transported to the next machine according to its own routing
  4. All jobs can be simultaneously available at the time of zero

Please suggest me the real life application where I can apply this algorithm. Thanking in anticipation.

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Leasing of heavy construction equipment.

Most companies doing construction do not own all the heavy equipment required to do every job. Instead, they rely on equipment leased from large rental companies. These rental companies must move their heavy equipment around via ship, rail, and trailers: optimizing that movement seems to fit your criteria.

job == delivery to site of a piece of equipment of a specific type
operations == the transport specifics required to fulfill
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