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The following is a manual process

case class A(x: Int) { def f(y: Int) = x * y }
val af: (A => Int => Int) = _.f

val a = A(4)
val r = af(a)(2)

Is there a conventient way to get a function like af? Something like A magic f, possibly without using reflection. Ability to import all public methods of a class via import A#magic._ is a bonus.

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This way is 10 symbols shorter:

val af = (_: A).f _
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You can create an instance of A and import the methods:

val a = A(4)
import a._

There is no other way of doing this, because x needs to hold a value. You could however create a singleton object instead af a class and change your method signatures accordingly:

object A {
  def f(x:Int)(y:Int) = x*y

import A._

As far as i know it is not possible to turn all methods of a class into curried (constructor)(method signature) functions.

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I don't know why u want that, but u indeed can achieve the following:

scala> case class A(x:Int){ def f(y:Int)=x*y}
defined class A

scala> val af = A(2).f _
af: (Int) => Int = <function1>

scala> af(3)
res0: Int = 6
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