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Visual Studio is such a massively big product that even after years of working with it I sometimes stumble upon a new/better way to do things or things I didn't even know were possible.

For instance-

  • Crtl + R, Ctrl + W to show white spaces. Essential for editing Python build scripts.

  • Under "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\VisualStudio\8.0\Text Editor" Create a String called Guides with the value "RGB(255,0,0), 80" to have a red line at column 80 in the text editor.

What other hidden features have you stumbled upon?


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Ctrl+Shift+L deletes the current line (without cutting it to the clipboard)


I see that lot of us are posting shortcuts. I have printed this poster, it's very helpful to learn those shortcuts - nowadays I look very rarely at the poster 'cause I've learned most of them :)

Link for VS posters:

My favourites are Refactoring ones (CTRL-R + Something)


One that I only just discovered. When dealing with COM it's possible to lookup a brief message from the cryptic hexadecimal error number using a tool called errlook.exe.

The useful tool is located in your VS\Common7\Tools directory.

You can run it with Tools -> Error Lookup – Amnon May 30 '10 at 8:04

There is this blog on MSDN thats got some nice tips and tricks


View, Code Definition Window.

The Code Definition Window shows the definition of the currently selected identifier (If it's in your solution, it'll show your sourced; otherwise, it'll extract metadata, like right-click, Go To Definition)


The most important feature I can't live without is Visual Studio 2008. :P


The features I like the most are

  1. Bookmarks feature. You can add/remove bookmarks in code(kinda like breakpoints), and you can navigate directly between them by using next/previous bookmark. Very useful if you are making changes in two places at once, and want to swap between the two frequently.
  2. The comment/uncomment feature. Ctrl+E , Ctrl+C/U for C# settings.
  3. The increase/decrease indent of a line. (Only available for VC by default. To assign for C#, go to tools -> Options -> General -> Keyboard and change the Edit.IncreaseLineIndent/Edit.DecreaseLineIndent for TextEditor)

PS: I want to know how to navigate to the members drop down list (just below the tabs list) by the keyboard.

Ctrl+F2 then Tab – Breandán Jul 28 '10 at 7:27

My best feature is one I had to make myself.. It's a cpp/h flipper. If you are looking at the .h file, and hit this macro, (or its keyboard shortcut), it will open the cpp file, and vice-versa.

I can provide the source if anyone wants it.


Enable Intellisense in Skin Files

  1. Go to Tools->Options menu.
  2. Pick Text Editor -> File Extesion fom a tree at the left part of Options dialog.
  3. Type skin in Extesion text box.
  4. Select User Control Editor from Editor dropdown.
  5. Click Add and then Ok to close dialog and re-open your skin files.

The Open button in the File Open dialog has a little down arrrow next to it. Click that and you get the "Open With" option which includes the Binary Editor. As a systems-type guy, I find it quite valuable, but most of my colleagues hadn't known about it until I showed them.


Re: Stopping the debugger from stepping into trivial functions.

In C#, you can also add an attribute [DebuggerStepThrough] (using System.Diagnostics) to a method. This causes the debugger to, ironically, not step through the method.


CTRL-G for jumping to a specific line number. Saves a few seconds when you've got a line number in a large code file.


I don't know how unknown most people consider them to be, but I don't think that a lot of people use snippets.

I discovered them a while back and then found that they were customizable by editing the xml in the Visual Studio Program Files directory. They make it super easy to add a lot of code quickly.

Also, to save time when using snippets make sure you hit tab twice and not try to do everything through the right click menu.

You can also put them in MyDocs\Visual Studio 200?\Code Snippets – SLaks Jun 19 '09 at 12:47

Not exactly a hidden feature, but one thing I've done is add a "Start Without Debugging" button next to my "Start With Debugging" button. Just click the down arrow at the right end of the toolbar. Then select "Add or Remove buttons". Then Customize. In the commands tab select the Debug category. Find the Start Without Debugging command and drag it to where you want it on the toolbar.

CTRL-F5 is the shortcut for this, with the default settings. Great way to run a faster build, or to not hit your breakpoints. – Eddie Parker Jan 19 '09 at 18:18

Mouse Left Click resets your cursor to the position your pointer is currently hovering. Very useful for navigating through Visual Studio.

  • Vertical split of the window using "New Window" and "New Vertical Tab Group" combination.

There is only horizontal split in VS by default, but trick with window duplication allows to use vertical split too.

  • Vertical selection is good (it accessible with keyboard too: Alt+Shift+[Ctrl]+Arrows). But sometimes I need to use Vertical Copy/Cut and Paste. VS is smart enough to handle this correctly.

  • There are also very useful features: Go Next/Prev Scope (Alt+Down/Up), Go to Implementation (Alt+G), but they are a part of the Visual Assist X plug-in.


Reference tag of Visual Studio 2008 for JavaScript IntelliSense is a brand new hidden feature. Especially jQuery IntelliSense is a devastating!


How about Ctrl + C to copy the current line to the clipboard without doing any range selection. This is sooooo... simple and useful.


In addition to all others said like:

  • Ctrl + K + D
  • Ctrl + K + U
  • Ctrl + M + L
  • Ctrl + M + O

Selecting when you hold "Alt".
Hiting F12 on the instead of right click and choose "Go To Definition".

  • Ctrl + K + C for comment.
  • Ctrl + K + U for uncommenting.

Today if found something new:
In WebFroms in Design mode, go to Tools menu and choose "Generate Local Resources". It's really handy for making multilingual web applications.


I wanted to talk about comment (Ctrl + k, Ctrl + c) and uncomment (Ctrl + k, Ctrl + u) shortcuts but a Bratt (:p) already mentioned them.

How about the Ctrl + k, Ctrl + d shortcut, very convenient to format markup (ASP.NET, HTML) and JavaScript code!


Ctrl + Shift + F brings up "search solution" dialog and lists all the results in a nice navigable way, rather than visiting each result. Not only it's easier to use, it's also useful because it doesn't tamper with your search scope defaults you use with regular search.


I'm sure everyone knows this, it's not just VS, you can do it almost everywhere. If you press Ctrl + left arrow/right arrow you will go to the next/last word word. You can also Ctrl + Shift + left/right arrow to select whole words at a time.


Navigating around the references of a symbol in VS 2010: 1. Place your cursor at the symbol to high light all references 2. Ctrl - Alt - Up/Down to navigate backward/toward reference.



Set next statement by right-clicking code view during debugging or just dragging the yellow arrow around.

This is really useful to debug again a part of the code you have recently stepped over, or maybe change the content of some variable and trying to execute a set of statements again.


Here's an old blog article on some of the hidden debugger features in the expression evaluators.


  • Print the shortcuts from the Microsoft page and put them next to you. Try to learn a new one every day. You'll find all shortcuts already mentioned here + lots more. Some very useful contain formatting a code block, commenting, navigate between pages,...
  • Get Resharper, it's a plugin which whill greatly increase your efficiency. If you use Resharper, you can find a list with shortcuts.
  • share

    I updated my code flipper, I posted earlier. I added support for ASP Controls.



    Vertical selection with Ctrl-Left Click is pretty useful sometimes...


    Shift + Delete to cut whatever line the cursor is on.

    I use this all the time to delete whole lines of code.


    I just wanted to copy that code without the comments.

    So, the trick is to simply press the Alt button, and then highlight the rectangle you like.(e. g. below).

    protected void GridView1_RowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e)
            //if (e.CommandName == "sel")
            //    lblCat.Text = e.CommandArgument.ToString();

    In the above code if I want to select :

    e.CommandName == "sel"
    lblCat.Text = e.Comman

    Then I press ALt key and select the rectangle and no need to uncomment the lines.

    Check this out.


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