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I am having the following close button image tag in my page. img src="@@@HtmlEncode(LanguagePath)@@@/img/header/HEADER_SIGN_IN_POPIN_CLOSE.gif" id="quit_sign_in" alt="@@HTMLEncodeText(LOC_SW_LOGIN_CLOSE)@@" title="@@HTMLEncodeText(LOC_SW_LOGIN_CLOSE)@@" Whenever the page loads , i am getting "Unterminated string constant" error. If hover over the error message it is pointing to HEADER_SIGN_IN_POPIN_CLOSE.gif.

Can somebody tell me what could be the reason? How to solve this issue? It is pestering me for more than 5 hours.

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Most probably the problem is somewhere else(In your html code). When a browser gives an unterminated string error, it means that you have opened a double/single quote somewhere and have not terminated it. My suggestion is to use Firebug of firefox to debug the issue.

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