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Suppose we have some date ranges, for example:

ranges = [

and a Post model with :created_at attribute.

I want to find posts where created_at value is in this range, so the goal is to create a query like:

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE created_at 
    BETWEEN '2011-04-06' AND '2011-08-06' OR
    BETWEEN '2011-09-06' AND '2011-10-06' OR
    BETWEEN '2011-11-06' AND '2011-12-06' OR
    BETWEEN '2012-01-06' AND '2012-02-06' OR
    BETWEEN '2012-02-06' AND '2012-03-23';

If you have only one range like this:

range = (12.months.ago)..(8.months.ago)

we can do this query:

Post.where(:created_at => range)

and query should be:

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE created_at 
    BETWEEN '2011-04-06' AND '2011-08-06';

Is there a way to make this query using a notation like this Post.where(:created_at => range)?

And what is the correct way to build this query?

Thank you

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It gets a little aggressive with paren, but prepare to dive down the arel rabbit hole

ranges = [
table = Post.arel_table
query = ranges.inject(table) do |sum, range|
  condition = table[:created_at].in(range)
  sum.class == Arel::Table ? condition : sum.or(condition)

Then, query.to_sql should equal

(((("sessions"."created_at" BETWEEN '2011-06-05 12:23:32.442238' AND '2011-10-05 12:23:32.442575' OR "sessions"."created_at" BETWEEN '2011-11-05 12:23:32.442772' AND '2011-12-05 12:23:32.442926') OR "sessions"."created_at" BETWEEN '2012-01-05 12:23:32.443112' AND '2012-02-05 12:23:32.443266') OR "sessions"."created_at" BETWEEN '2012-03-05 12:23:32.443449' AND '2012-04-05 12:23:32.443598') OR "sessions"."created_at" BETWEEN '2012-05-05 12:23:32.443783' AND '2012-05-21 12:23:32.443938')

And you should be able to just do Post.where(query)


You could also do something like:

range_conditions = ranges.map{|r| table[:created_at].in(r)}
query = range_conditions.inject(range_conditions.shift, &:or)

to keep it a little more terse

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I suggest you try the pure string form:

# e.g. querying those in (12.months.ago .. 8.months.ago) or in (7.months.ago .. 6.months.ago)
Post.where("(created_at <= #{12.months.ago} AND created_at >= #{8.months.ago} ) OR " + 
  "(created_at <= #{7.months.ago} AND created_at >= #{6.months.ago} )" )
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We do not need to write sql with Arel around. –  Snuggs Feb 11 at 14:28

In your case, I would suggest to use mysql IN clause

Model.where('created_at IN (?)', ranges)
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