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I receive 4 channel input via network in jack. and like to route this to a program which is not a jack client. in the program setting one can choose a sound card to read from. so to route audio from jack to this program I need an intermediate sound card. I feel that this must be possible, isn't it?

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I have found other solution. which is programming a jack client compatible to my program with python. download pyjack and see the demos. it is very easy.

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If I'm understanding your question correct, then yes it is. I've done it myself. I used the following guides to help me. It works well! First two are pretty much the same thing and explain the process you described above. The last one is just generally useful for using JACK.

The process above creates a Loopback sound card that will send the incoming sound out again. You can attach jack to this output and use it however you want.

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